Does our logo look familiar to you? We are part of a bank and insurance group which is represented by banks in Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland and Slovak Republic. In 2011 we joined the blue team and in May of the same year our Shared Service Center came to be. First couple of employees have found their second home at the Brno offices (some of those are with us to this day). Many things have changed since then. There are over 700 people in the Brno team, our offices have grown to more than 8 000 m2, the activities we do have expanded as did the knowledge we pass on to our new colleagues.

HR Business Solution Analyst

System, logic, clarity, order – are these words close to your mind? Team, colleagues, achievement – are these words close to your heart? We are looking for Excel champion with passion for tables, numbers, charts and dashboards, yet for someone with team spirit.

Your responsibilities:

Your usual day may look like this:

  • arriving at the office at 7:30 – 9:00
  • looking for the right place to sit – yes, we have flexible seating, but anyway, we keep the teams together so do not worry ;-)
  • starting up your laptop – entering endless security codes and starting databases, calendars, files and checking what the deadlines, tasks and meetings are for the day
  • are you a coffee person? Well, we do have coffee, some like it, some prefer buying a cup somewhere else… we are not perfect, but work on it.
  • Huddle – do you know what this is? Come to us – you will experience it every day.
  • cleaning sheets with data, ordering them, giving them the right format, setting up filters, linking files, selecting chart, transferring all into nicely looking dashboards – yeah, one moment you think you are a programmer and the other moment a fashion magazine editor – our management likes nicely looking reports
  • meeting with colleagues and collecting from them more work to do
  • getting bombarded by Skype messages “Can you please adjust this table? Do you have statistics for that? Oh, help, my tables are messy and I have to run to a meeting…”
  • depending on your prioritizing ability, you may want to find a quiet meeting room and finish all the complex work, you have been busy with for couple of weeks
  • lunch (let’s be honest here – not always at noon time;)
  • meeting with HRBPs to get update on what is happening in our domains
  • Skype with Recruiters in Varna to explain to them, what they must insert into the system, so that all the reports were consistent… *here your talent for virtual cooperation is tested
  • finally, you manage to meet your team leader –one of the nicest in the world!
  • reporting, reporting, reporting, reporting, reporting… did I forget to mention reporting?
  • leaving anytime between 15:00 and 18:00, if not having a home office day

We expect:

  • we believe that the right personality is the key to success. Yet we need your analytical skills too. Do you have experience in a corporate environment, working with diverse type of data? Are you familiar with advanced functionalities of Excel, SAP and other CRMs? We want you! For sure, we want to see on your CV examples of your capabilities, but we can also teach you a lot. Being able to speak English on daily basis, is something we cannot teach you… But for sure we can provide you with opportunities to practice! Having a clear idea about what it takes to get your data sorted the way a “normal” person can understand them, this is your expertise.
  • how will your life change when you join us? Let me skip the talks about flexible working hours, ice cream days, skiing events… extra care etc. Having great colleagues around is the benefit you cannot buy… (Funny to read this from the perspective of our Banking and Insurance group, right?;)

We offer:

  • Meal voucher card with employer's contribution of 57 CZK, in total 80 CZK / weekday = approx. 1140 CZK per month
  • Cafeteria benefit system of 675 CZK per month = 8.100 CZK per year (paid by the employer)
  • Multisport card paid by employer
  • Company laptop, discounted mobile tariffs from 99 CZK 1,5 GB, unlimited calls and SMS
  • Wide range of learning possibilities. Free online platform for flexible learning (Soft/hard skills courses according to your choice, language courses etc.)
  • Fully paid on site hard / soft skills courses (MS Excel, Stylistic Writing, Presentation skills, Time & Stress management, Conflict handling etc.)
  • Half year bonus based on Performance
  • Referral bonus for recommendation
  • Possibility of extraordinary bonus for working beyond the scope of the entrusted agenda
  • Employer´ s contribution to pension insurance
  • Up to 1000 CZK employer´s contribution for life insurance
  • Fruit days twice a week in winter, ice cream days in summer
  • Free ČSOB employee account and other ČSOB products with special employee´s conditions
  • Indefinite employment contract
  • Possibility of working from home, 25 days of holiday, 3 My Days (extra holiday)
  • Contribution of 50% of fee to KinderGarten Brno Campus for a child of KBC SSC employe

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